20th Reunion Committe
Class Officers*:
Lorei Wells (Salie) - President
Todd Thurlow – Vice-president
Helen Martin – Secretary
Julie Santagata (Paulsen) – Treasurer
Chairs and Members:
Saturday Dinner Party - Lorei Wells (Salie)
Friday Cocktail Reception – Helen Martin
School Tour -  Kathryn Matlack (Davis)
Website, Communications, RSVP's - Todd Thurlow
Accounting & Budgeting - Jill Smith (Davis)
Decorations & Gifts - Missie Fowler (Nelson)
Music/D.J. – Helen Martin
Audio/Video Presentations – Scott Kerr
Things to do on Saturday Afternoon - Julie Santagata (Paulsen)
Name Tags –  Todd Thurlow & Helen Martin
Finding Lost Classmates -  Melissa Mulcahy (Fitzgerald)
Superlatives -  Note: There will be no superlative awards given.
Kelly Bond (Pelletier)
Tammy Leonard (Gasparini)
Donna Maslak (Ponsoldt)
Holly Mathers
Kathleen Murphy (Smith)
Shannon Murphy
Christine Rowell
Sandy Sundheim (Strausbaugh)
Marion Taormina (Hargett)
There will be more committees as we get closer to the events. Please let us know if you can participate.

*The class officers serve as the officers and directors of MCHS 1988, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation.